Wheel of Life SymbolThis website is about karma (kamma) – a law of life. It is the timeless and universal law of cause and effect, expressed in the words, “what we sow, we reap”. (Kamma is the Pali term; karma is the Sanskrit term.) 

Buddhist understanding of karma has been drawn on since this tradition has extensively written on the subject. 

The purpose of this site is (1) to present a clear description of karma, as much as is possible, and (2) to show how awareness of karma can immeasurably benefit our lives. Nevertheless, karma remains a deep and profound principle of life, and not all its workings can be precisely explained.

Karma (our actions) and their results govern our present reality and determine our future reality. Understanding and awareness of karma allows us to better navigate through the life we have with all its mystery. We no longer need to feel that life unfolds in totally puzzling, strange, and bewildering ways. In fact, to our surprise, mindfulness of karma provides satisfying answers that help make greater sense of life.

Finally, while the focus of this site is present karma, the possibility of rebirth – that actions in this life influence our future state – is also acknowledged. Having an open mind toward rebirth allows us to stay receptive to possible new levels of insight, while realizing that precise details about an afterlife remain unknowable and unsolvable.

May the information shared on this website help us to appreciate reality of karma (that our actions do yield results) – a law governing life that can enable us to see, and better manage, the causes of our own suffering and happiness.

Alexander Peck

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